Vessels Built by John Group

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2015

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Aileen O. 156822 Fishboat, general 1931
Anna No. 1 193629 Fishboat, general 1949
Bounty No. 1 194986 Fishboat, general 1944
Connie (nk) Fishboat, general (nk)
Depend 320893 Fishboat, general 1949
Doll (nk) Fishboat, troller 1933
Dollass (nk) Fishboat, troller 1933
Dolless 176257 Fishboat, general 1933
Evian 176250 Fishboat, general 1946
Hermod 194289 Fishboat, general 1945
Jupiter II 175453 Fishboat, general 1935
Lola (I) 198574 Work Boat 1956
Melba II 174915 Fishboat, general 1927
Milarte 310345 Fishboat, general 1940
Mina No. 1 311897 Fishboat, general 1947
Nordlys No. 2 176259 Fishboat, general (nk)
Rebel Wind 310345 Fishboat, general 1940
Romance (III) 194289 Fishboat, general 1945
Shirlu (II) 177973 Fishboat, seiner 1947
Skeena P.D. No. 1 194290 Piledriver 1957c
Stavanger 176250 Fishboat, general 1946
Teddy Boy 176257 Fishboat, general 1933
Trim (II) 176085 Fishboat, general 1945
Tyee (IV) 175455 Fishboat, general 1944
Veronika H. 195764 Fishboat, general 1954
Water Lily No. 2 313056 Fishboat, general 1935
Western Standard 172389 Fishboat, general 1940

Author’s Note: This is a partial list (work in progress).

Vessel Images: Can you help us fill gaps in the vessel images in the database? If you have pictures of missing vessels that you have taken and would be willing to contribute to the database to make it more complete all our users would be very grateful. Please send them to admin(at)

Note to Reader: Vessel names containing Roman numerals in parentheses (e.g. Floater (II)) indicates more than one vessel in the database with the same name. The numerals in parentheses are NOT part of the vessel name but are used to distinguish one vessel from another in the database.

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