Vessels Built by Joseph L. Lister

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2015

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Alexander (II) 072671 Tug 1875
Barge No. 375 327113 Barge 1967
Crazy Anna 809117 Yacht 1985
Dorothy Mae II 198985 Fishboat, general 1952
Far Reach 802673 Fishboat, general 1983
Hi-Hopes 198916 Yacht, power-cruiser 1956
Island Prism 800922 Yacht, sail 1981
Key Largo 310372 Yacht 1957
Kiane Lona 13K59319 - 1970c
Kimac II 319159 Yacht 1963
L & L No. 28 331153 Barge 1969
Lister (The) 344925 Work Boat 1970
Mai Tai 314947 Yacht 1962
Northern Way 802686 Fishboat, general 1987
Pamper III (II) 319389 Yacht, power-cruiser 1962
Porpoise III (II) 319389 Yacht, power-cruiser 1962
Renaissance 13K59319 Yacht, power-cruiser 1970c
San Jolin 319389 Yacht, power-cruiser 1962
Sanjolin (II) 198916 Yacht, power-cruiser 1956
Shal-O-Mar II 192483 Yacht 1946
Sobriety 809117 Yacht 1985
Tampico 198086 Yacht, power-cruiser 1954
Temujin 370599 Yacht, sail 1976
Valentine (I) 198985 Fishboat, general 1952
Vista Rose 313715 Yacht, power-cruiser 1960

Author’s Note: This is a partial list (work in progress).

Vessel Images: Can you help us fill gaps in the vessel images in the database? If you have pictures of missing vessels that you have taken and would be willing to contribute to the database to make it more complete all our users would be very grateful. Please send them to admin(at)

Note to Reader: Vessel names containing Roman numerals in parentheses (e.g. Floater (II)) indicates more than one vessel in the database with the same name. The numerals in parentheses are NOT part of the vessel name but are used to distinguish one vessel from another in the database.

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