Vessels Built by the Kishi Family Boat Works

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2013

In 1932 Saeji Kishi established the boat works at Steveston BC. They generally built wooden purpose rigged gillnet fishing boats. The Kishis lost their boat works in the internment of Japanese people during the Second World War. They were moved to Christina Lake BC where they built boats and shipped them to the coast by rail until 1968.

Vessels Built by the Kishi Boat Works

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Crest (H.M.C.S.) 154437 Fishboat, seiner 1927
Crest (II) 154437 Fishboat, seiner 1927
Glosjar 154636 Fishboat, general 1927
Invader No. 1 327185 Fishboat, general 1966
Junkers 158296 Fishboat, general 1932
Kasasa (I) 141789 Fishboat, general 1920
Kelley Maree 153191 Fishboat, general 1926
Kenneth Gale 344653 Fishboat, general 1970
Maureen G. (II) 329448 Fishboat, general 1968
May S. 154437 Fishboat, seiner 1927
Mystery (III) 189284 Fishboat, general 1957
North Star II 194364 Fishboat, troller 1939
Prince Valiant II 329448 Fishboat, general 1968
Race Point (I) 154754 Fishboat, general 1927
Soyokaze (I) 194364 Fishboat, troller 1939
Stacy M. 330813 Fishboat, general 1969
Veronica I 153191 Fishboat, general 1926

Vessels Built by the Saeji Kishi Boat Works

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Ciona 192474 Fishboat, general 1940
Emy S. II 314892 Fishboat, general 1929
Iskum I 171805 Fishboat, troller 1939
Lady Esther 173719 Work Boat 1941
M.433 Snipe (R.C.A.F.) 192474 Fishboat, general 1940
Marine K. 197656 Fishboat, general 1938
May S. III 158791 Fishboat, seiner 1935
Ohara III 173719 Work Boat 1941
Regal I 170767 Fishboat, troller 1938
Silver Spring 192474 Fishboat, general 1940
Togian (I) 197656 Fishboat, general 1938
Tugwell II 173394 Fishboat, general 1941

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