Vessels Built by the N.M. McLean Shipyard, Prince Rupert BC.

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2013

The company was founded after the First World War by Norman Murdock McLean in Prince Rupert BC. The last vessel built there was about 1961 but the yard continued as a repair facility.

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Alkan (nk) Fishboat, general (nk)
Alken 152665 Fishboat, halibut 1925
All Star (I) 176243 Fishboat, halibut 1946
Awake 141279 (nk) 1920
Borgund 155173 Fishboat, general 1929
Borigund 13K35510 Fishboat, general (nk)
Canadian Girl 153154 Fishboat, seiner 1926
Cape Race II 155172 Fishboat, general 1929
Charkay 141279 (nk) 1920
Edward Lipsett 150671 - 1922
Florence G. 154519 Fishboat, general 1927
Gony 155185 Fishboat, halibut 1920
Gulvik 155184 Fishboat, halibut 1929
Helen I 13K35510 Fishboat, general (nk)
Helen II (I) 153308 Fishpacker 1927
Intend 170922 Fishboat, general 1938c
Invercan 172384 Fishboat, general 1940
Invercan No. 2 173477 Fishboat, general 1941
Joan W. I 150858 Fishboat, general 1924
Kyrielle II 176089 Fishboat, general 1945
Lady Helen 154505 Fishboat, seiner 1927
Lauretta II 170532 unk 1937
Lysekil 150858 Fishboat, general 1924
M.W. 176081 Fishboat, general 1945
McLean No. 1 179565 Work Boat 1948
Mitkof (I) 141273 Fishboat, general 1918
Mollie May 138678 Fishboat, seiner 1918
Molly May (nk) Fishboat, general (nk)
Narvik (I) 152665 Fishboat, halibut 1925
Northern Exchange 153159 Work Boat 1926
Northern Monarch 173477 Fishboat, general 1941
Pair of Jacks 141273 Fishboat, general 1918
Qitonsta (I) 154505 Fishboat, seiner 1927
R.W. 152668 Fishboat, general 1925
Relief 155155 Fishboat, halibut 1929
Sea Maid (I) (nk) Fishboat, general (nk)
Sidney W. 154503 Fishboat, seiner 1927
Taplow II 154716 Fishboat, general 1928
Tomahawk II 195783 Fishboat, general 1951
Western Hope 2 150676 Mission Boat 1922
Western Rover (I) 138678 Fishboat, seiner 1918

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