Vessels Built by the Thompson Bros. Aluminum Welding Ltd.

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2013

They were located in Richmond BC and Ladner BC.

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Name Registration Vessel Type Year Built
Abracadabra I 812851 Fishboat, general -
Bullet Proof 816742 Fishboat, general 1993
Captain's Dream 810115 Fishboat, general 1989
Chilcotin Pride 814177 Fishboat, general 1988
Cowboy I C25931BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Double Odds 810455 Fishboat, general 1988
Double V C06509BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Harvest Isle C22092BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Harvest Isle C22092BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Harvest Raider 814444 Fishboat, general 1991
Jessica D 814177 Fishboat, general 1988
Jet Lag (II) C22556BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Jibore 814444 Fishboat, general 1991
Just Travlin 815138 Fishboat, general 1992
Liberty (III) 814188 Fishboat, general 1990
Mega Bite 816571 Fishboat, general 1993
Michelle Diana 816467 Passenger Vessel 1993
Night Moves I 810456 Fishboat, general 1988
Night Train C08346BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Ocean Freedom (II) 812697 Fishboat, general 1991
Orca Maru 834536 Passenger Vessel 1995
Pacific Dragon (II) 836396 Fishboat, general 2002
Pod Pilot 825917 Passenger Vessel 1994
Quick Change C22555BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Quick Change II 825671 Passenger Vessel 1997
Sandy Isle (II) 817590 Fishboat, general 1994
Sea Cruise II 814103 Fishboat, general 1990
Sky Country 818098 Fishboat, general 1994
Triple 8 825666 Passenger Vessel 1992
Triple 8-II 825667 Passenger Vessel 1993
Triple Nine C22166BC Fishboat, general (nk)
Turkish Delight (II) 814103 Fishboat, general 1990
Twin Dragons 816781 Fishboat, general 1994
Wave Dancer II 816742 Fishboat, general 1993
Zomby Woof 820972 Passenger Vessel 1995

Author’s Note: This is a partial list (work in progress).

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