The Adams Lake Cable Ferry

by John MacFarlane 2018

Adams Lake

The Adams Lake Cable Ferry (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection.)

The Adams Lake ferry runs across Adams Lake, 20km north of Highway 1 between Chase and Sorrento. The ferry is located approximately 80km northeast of Kamloops and 50km northwest of Salmon Arm. It operates a free service on demand 24 hours per day with a 6 minute crossing time.The ferry capacity is 10 vehicles and 48 passengers.

Adams Lake

The terminal is very informal and consists of a gravel parking area and a concrete ramp. (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection.)

The current vessel was launched in 2017 and is operated for the Province by WaterBridge Ferries Inc. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure manages 14 inland ferry routes.

Adams Lake

The ferry runs up on the concrete shore ramp, the vessel ramp is lowered and the vehicles are able to disembark. (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection.)

Adams Lake

The Barney Mac was assembling booms right in front of us on the beach. (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection.)

When I visited Adams Lake I was surprised to see a number of working vessels near the terminal of the Adams Lake Ferry. There is a mill just up the beach from the ferry ramp and a booming ground immediately adjacent. A larger tug, not present during my visit, tows booms of logs from the head of the lake to the mill.

Adams Lake

The boom man worked with his partner in the boat. (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection.)

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