The Power Cruiser Aileen

by John MacFarlane 2017


The Yacht Aileen (Photo courtesy of the MMBC.)

In 1927 the Aileen was built by Hoffar–Beeching Shipyards Ltd. at Vancouver BC. 48.2’ x 11.6’ x 4.8’ wooden hull 26gt 18rt She was powered by a 1.5hp engine by Hall-Scott Motor Car Co., Berkeley CA USA. In 1935 she was re–powered by a 102hp Gardner diesel engine.

She was built in 1927 by the Vancouver BC at the Hoffar–Beeching Shipyards Ltd. as the Willowbee G. (1927); then as Aileen (1927); then as Alice B. (1956); then as Lena K. (1970); then as Willowbee G. (1989).

In 1927–1928 she was owned by George E. Gudewill, Vancouver BC. In 1929–1937 owned by Frederick A. Lindsay, Victoria BC. In 1941–1949 she was owned by George "Jocko" Patton, Victoria BC. In 1956–1961 she was owned by Robert Blackmore (MO), North Vancouver BC. In 1966–1967 she was owned by Coast Marine Services Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1977–1979 she was owned by Gordon Kleaman, North Vancouver BC. In 1989–1992 she was owned by David Thompson, North Vancouver BC. Penny & David Thompson, North Vancouver BC. In 2000 she was owned by David S. Ekstrom, Seattle WA USA.

Joker Patton

John George ‘Joker’ Patton receiving the trophy for the Time Log Race Seattle to Juneau AK in 1949 (Photo courtesy of the MMBC.)

In 1991 the Aileen was designated as a Vintage vessel by the Maritime Museum of British Columbia.

Frederick Lindsay was the Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Scottish Regiment and President of the Navy League. He used the vessel for an annual Sea Cadet day trip to Discovery Island. After the Second World War she was owned by John George "Jocko" Patton who was a tavern keeper in Esquimalt BC. He was involved in rum running with Johnny Schnaar before the Second World War. In 1936 he took over the British Public Schools Club and sold out in 1950.

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