A Visit by the Amara Zee to Courtenay BC

by Lynn Salmon 2018

Amara Zee

The Amara Zee at Courtenay BC. (Photo from the Lynn Salmon collection.)

The sailing vessel Amara Zee called at Courtenay BC carrying the theatre company presenting Nomadic Tempest, part of their 2018 Salish Sea Tour on June 28 to July 1. Their site sponsor was Kus–kus–sum (at the Old Field Sawmill site). The sailing vessel carries the the Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre.

The company’s website states that "The design of the ship is based on the traditional Thames River Sailing Barge blended with the best of contemporary marine and theatre technology. With its shallow draft of 1.2 meters and its self-lowering masts via on-deck winches the boat can access virtually any waterfront community. The Amara Zee incorporates the sailing masts and rigging for the scenery, light and sound equipment and special effects. The shows are staged on the entire deck, on the masts and rigging, on the water and land surrounding the vessel."

Amara Zee

The Amara Zee at Courtenay BC. (Photo from the Lynn Salmon collection.)

Built in 1993 at Kingston ON the Amara Zee In 2003 she was owned by the Caravan Stage Society, Kingston ON. 25.37m x 6.54m x 1.2m (83.2’ x 21.5’ x 7.4’) In 2005–2018 she was owned by the National Caravan Stage Co. Inc, Jacksonville FL USA as the Caravan Stage Tall Ship Theatre. Her register was closed October 8, 2014.

Amara Zee

The Amara Zee at Courtenay BC. (Photo from the Lynn Salmon collection.)

The vessel was briefly registered in Canada as a yacht. Transport Canada required the Company to meet standards of a commercial vessel due to its function as a commercial theatre facility. Unable or unwilling to meet these standards the vessel was re–registered in the USA. She continues to function in Canada under her new flag. She arrived in Nanaimo British Columbia in July 2017 on the deck of a heavy lift vessel from St. Petersburg FL.

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