A Souvenir of the CESAR 1983 Arctic Expedition

by John MacFarlane 2016

Historic Postal Cachet

A Commemorative Postal Cachet from the CESAR 1983 Arctic Expedition (Photo from the Nauticapedia collection. )

Polar Continental Shelf Project provided the logistic support and expertise to establish the camp. The Canadian Armed Forces built the runway necessary for the Hercules C-130 aircraft that enable bulky and heavy equipment to be used on CESAR. Technical and engineering support for the scientific program was provided by the Atlantic Geoscience Centre, Earth Physics Branch and Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory.

The 1983 Canadian Expedition to Study the Alpha Ridge (CESAR) seemed to establish that the Alpha Ridge is an extension of the continent from Ellesmere Island and hence there is a possibility that Canada may lay claim to the resource rights for the region, in particular for petroleum, according to the United Nations Law of the Sea.

The Expedition brought back core samples that contained three million years of history of the Arctic Ocean.

The envelope from which was scanned for the image was given to me by Denise Herlinveaux and was sent by her brother Ken who was a participant in the expedition.

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