The B.C. Surveyor

by Charles Stott 2016

BC Surveyor

The B.C. Surveyor at Zeballos summer 1960. (Photo from the Charles Stott collection. )

A friend of mine gave an old copy of a book called ‘Forest Ranger, Ahoy’ by Michael Coney. He lists many boats used by the B.C. Forest Service but for some reason does not include the B.C. Surveyor under that name.

BC Surveyor

The B.C. Surveyor at Zeballos summer 1960. (Photo from the Charles Stott collection. )

In 1960 I spent much of the summer living on board the B.C. Surveyor. The crew I was with were working mostly out of Zeballos and later Fair Harbour collecting data for the Surveys and Inventory Division.

Built in 1939 by George F. Askew at Marpole BC as the Leola Vivian, in 1947 she was renamed as the B.C. Surveyor, and again in 1968 as the Oliver Clark II. In 1939 she was owned by Will Vivian, Vancouver BC. In 1941 she was owned by Vivian Engine Works, Vancouver BC. In 1942 she was a Canadian Naval Tender to H.M.C.S. Burrard chartered to the Royal Canadian Navy and later purchased on 30/11/1942. In 1947–1961 she was owned by Minister of Lands and Forests Victoria BC. In 1967–1983 she was owned by Minister Lands and Water Resources, Victoria BC. In 1983–1989 she was owned by James A. Burroughs, Surrey BC. In 1993–2011 she was owned by Jed F. Currie, Halfmoon Bay BC.

BC Surveyor

The B.C. Surveyor as Captain Calvert and the Engineer Bruno Falk are docking at Port Alberni, Summer 1960. (Photo from the Charles Stott collection. )

Terry Slack says "Bruno Falk was later an Electrician at the B.C. Forest Service Depot and moved to Green Timbers in Surrey when the facility closed in 1988. "

I am very interested to find out anything about the life of Captain Calvert - please contact The Nauticapedia if you can help.

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