Canada’s Admirals and Commodores

Canada's Admirals and Commodores

Canada’s Admirals and Commodores (2016) Norman H. Jolin & John M. MacFarlane 3rd edition, Revised and Updated. Foreword by Admiral John Anderson RCN (Retd). (191 pages) C$30 plus postage. ISBN 978–0–9693001–6–8

This project was begun by the Maritime Museum in 1990 and two very popular editions were published. It was presumed that it would be updated from time to time but this has only happened now with a much needed third edition. This is a good reference book and contains fascinating supporting documentation. Each Flag Officer’s career is accurately detailed. Since there is no other publicly available reference on this topic this book is essential to historians, writers, students and members of the Canadian Forces.

It can be ordered directly from the Maritime Museum call direct 250–385–4222 (ext 102) to place your order. Its C$30 plus postage.


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