HMCS Chaleur (II)

by LCDR (Medical Service Corps) Jack A. Frost USN (Retired) 2017

HMCS Chaleur

HMCS Chaleur (II) (Photo from the Jack A. Frost collection.)

I have information for your website regarding the disposition of HMCS Chaleur MCB–164. I am a volunteer with the Stockton Maritime Museum helping to restore the USS Lucid (MSO–458) into a museum ship. The Chaleur (II) is located on Little Potato Slough off of the San Joaquin River near 15138 W. 8 Mile Road, Stockton, CA at coordinates 38.057599, -121500654. The museum bought parts from the previous owners who were "scrapping it out" and had removed the after deck house. The current owners have plans to renovate the ship.

HMCS Chaleur

HMCS Chaleur (II) (Photo from the Jack A. Frost collection.)

These photos from last year’s visit. As of this June (2017), the ship was sitting on an even keel and much of the scrapping debris had been removed. While it’s sad to see a once proud ship in this state, at least a part of her will live on in the Lucid.

HMCS Chaleur (II) was built by Marine Industries Ltd., Sorel QC commissioned on September 12, 1957. She is 152’ x 28’ x 8’ She carried a crew of three officers and 35 crew. At one time she was armed with 1–40mm Bofors gun. She was powered by 2 shafts, 2 GM 12–cylinder diesels, 2,400 bhp (1,800 kW). She had a range of 3,290 nmiles (6,090 km; 3,790 mi) at 12kn (22km/h; 14mph) In 1972, the class was redesignated as patrol escorts. The vessel remained a part of the Training Group Pacific until being paid off on 18 December 1998. The ship was sold for scrap.

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