Chris-Craft Yacht

Chris Craft Chuckanaut

Michigan native Chris Smith started building boats for his friends in the late 1800s and he adopted the name Chris-Craft in 1930. Originally catering to wealthy customers, Chris-Craft appealed to middle class boaters when it became one of the first mass producers of pleasure boats in the 1920s. Their boats were often made from mahogany and had a distinctive look that stands out even today (white hull, mahogany superstructure). Although the company has changed hands it is now known as Chris-Craft Industries (incorporated in 1962). Old boat aficionados still love these older vessels and many can still be seen afloat in British Columbia Waters. They are always "head turners".

A list of the British Columbia vessels built by the Chris-Craft Corp. can be found in another section of The Nauticapedia.

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