Visit of the Sailing Ship Danmark to Esquimalt BC December 1946

by John MacFarlane 2016


Danmark (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection. )

The Danmark was built in Copenhagen in 1933. She was a steel–hulled ship-rigged sail training vessel. After the attack on Pearl Harbor the ship was offered to the U.S. government as a training vessel. This offer was accepted, and the Danmark moved to New London, Connecticut to train cadets at the United States Coast Guard Academy. Approximately five thousand cadets were trained before the ship was returned to Denmark in 1945. She was replaced by the USCGC Eagle (a war prize from Germany).

In late December 1946 she visited Esquimalt BC after a visit to Seattle WA carrying 120 cadets. She had sailed from Copenhagen under Captain Knud L. Hansen.

The cadets had the option on graduation to either enter the navy or to join the Danish merchant marine. She was designed for a crew complement of 120 but in a 1959 refit this was reduced to 80. In 1932 she was owned by the Danish Ministry of Shipping and Fisheries. In 2016 she was owned by the Danish Maritime Authority, Copenhagen Denmark.

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