The Freighter Columbia Ashore on Malcolm Island 1942

by John MacFarlane 2016


Columbia ashore on Malcolm Island 1942 (Photo from the MacFarlane Family collection. )

My father, George R. MacFarlane, served in HMCS Prince Robert 1941–1942 on the Pacific coast. He photographed the Columbia which had apparently run aground. It appears in the image that she still has steam up in the boilers and there is some smoke or water vapor venting. I cannot find any record of this event and the ship apparently survived to continue its life.

In 1907 she was built as the President. In 1920 she was purchased from the Pacific Coast Co., New York. In 1923 she was renamed as the Dorothy Alexander. In 1933 she was sold to the Pacific Steamship Lines, Seattle WA. In 1937 she was sold to the Alaska Steamship Co., New York, NY. In 1938 she was renamed as the Columbia. In 1946 she was sold to the Empresa de Navegacao Mercante, Lisbon Portugal and renamed as the Portugal. In 1952 she was scrapped.

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MacFarlane, John M. (2016) The Freighter Columbia Ashore on Malcolm Island 1942. 2016.

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