FD 202

F.D. 202

F.D. 202 (Photo from the Dorothy Arnet collection. )

Dorothy Arnet recently sent us a picture of the F.D. 202 which her late husband Captain Edward Arnet commanded for many years. She was built at New Westminster BC in 1946. In 1946-1980 she was owned by The Minister of Fisheries, Ottawa ON. In 1982-1989 she was owned by The Minister of Fisheries & Oceans, Ottawa ON. In 1990-1994 she was owned by Marvin Egeland, Delta BC. In 1997-2003 she was owned by Terrence R. Blow, Richmond BC. In 2004 she was owned by Donald S. Cameron, Ucluelet BC. In 2012-2016 she was owned by Jonathan G. Harding, Powell River BC.

She is 38.2' x 10.4' x 6' (Imperial) and 11.64m x 3.17m x 1.83m (metric) with a wooden hull. 18.32gt 8.58rt. displacement. She was powered by a 165hp diesel engine.

Edward Arnet

Captain Edward John Arnet (Photo from the Dorothy Arnet collection. )

Captain Edward John Arnet was the son of Karl Peter Arnet and Amelia Sigma Eik born 18/09/1930 at Tofino BC where he lived for 65 years before retiring to Sidney BC. (He was qualified as a Master Mariner). In 1966 he worked with the Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans for 27 years. In 1969 he served in the Atolla as Master. In 1969 he was the Master of the FD 202 working out of Tofino BC. In 1976 he served in the Warrior Rock as Master. In 1978–1982 he served as Relief Master in the Comox Post and Atlin Post. In 1987 he served in the Brama as Master. In 1989 he served in the Seal Rock as Master.In 1992 he served in the Bonilla Rock as Master. In 1992 he served in the Estevan Reef as Master. He died at Sidney BC 04/04/2005.

F.D. 202

F.D. 202 (Photo from the Ed Chernis collection. )

Ed Chernis writes "Here is a picture taken in 2014 in the Ucluelet Small Craft Harbour. I understand it is now owned by Garret Harding, and he is keeping her at Nelson Island,, according to information I obtained from the West Coast Fisherman Facebook Group after I posted the photo and inquired as to her identity."

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