Hatta III - From table seiner to tuna and salmon troller

By Scott Kristmanson

Hatta III

The Hatta III at McLeans’s Shipyard, Prince Rupert BC July 10, 2012. (Photo from the Scott Kristmanson collection)

The Hatta III (ON# 158922) was built in 1936 by Jinichi Asahina at Seymour Creek BC (near where the Semour Creek golf course is now) as a wooden–hulled table seiner. She was converted to a troller in the 1970s, and subsequently received a new cabin for comfort. She is 13.41m x 4.08m x 1.92m (44' x 13.4' x 6.3') 17.64gt and 25.94rt. She is powered by a 170bhp diesel engine which replaced her original 60hp engine.

In 1949-1967 she was owned by J.H. Todd & Sons Ltd., Victoria BC. In 1970-1971 she was owned by British Columbia Packers Ltd., Richmond BC. In 1972 she was owned by Mercury Charters Ltd., Coquitlam BC. In 1973-1980 she was owned by Bruce A. Wight, Sidney BC. In 1982-2012 she was owned by Hatta Enterprises Ltd., Victoria BC.

Over the years she has evolved from a table seiner to a tuna and salmon troller. The Hatta III was on the ways at McLean’s Shipyard in Prince Rupert in July 2012 to repair a small leak coming from the stern. She was up for 24 hours, and a good check of the caulking was done in the stern post, horn timber area. The reason I took the photo is because most of these older seine boats have been scrapped, and are getting to be few in numbers. I enjoy sharing this nautical heritage with others.

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