The Power–Cruiser Idler II

by Melodie and Grant Blundell with John MacFarlane2018

Idler II

The Idler II (Photo from the Melodie and Grant Blundell collection.)

The Idler II was built in 1919 by F.C. Jones in Victoria BC. She was 9.08m x 3.6m x 1.31m (29.9' x 11.8' x 4.3') with a wooden-hull 9.66gt 8.57rt. She was powered by aa 72hp gas engine.

Idler II

The Idler II (Photo from the Melodie and Grant Blundell collection.)

In 1949 she was owned by Bessie Norton, Victoria BC. In 1958 she was owned by Ole C. Petersen, Glen Lake BC. In 1961–1989 she was owned by John T. Dobson, Dundas BC. In 2003–2010 she was owned by Melvyn J. Butler, Richmond BC.

Grant Blundell states that "A vessel that we hauled and maintained was the Idler II. The Cowichan Bay Shipyard handled many vessels of this size on our two marine slipways. Typically a vessel like this one had to be hauled out at peak high tide. The Spring season was a busy one for yachts whose owners were preparing for a summer cruising season. We used to do this in the evening to coincide with the tide tables and then undertake the work the next morning."

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