The Tug Invader


The tug Invader (Photo from the John Arnold collection.)

In 1975 this vessel was involved in a dramatic tow into the North Slope oilfields in Alaska in support of the on–time completion of the Alaska Pipeline. The Seattle Times edition of Saturday October 4th, 1975 reported that Crowley Maritime had successfully delivered 25 barges at Prudhoe Bay. Conditions were poor with ice conditions the worst since the annual Sealift began in 1968. The tug Invader was still at sea battling 8 inch ice to deliver the remaining barges.

The Invader was again involved in the 1976 Arctic Marine Freighters Sealift. The tugs did not wait for the ice break up but pushed through to deliver cargoes travelling 175 miles from Pt. Barrow AK. The Invader was one of the tugs leading the convoy. The company used an ice-breaking barge, the Arctic Challenger in an interesting technique which saw the Invader and the Sentinel combining horsepower to push the barge. This was a role the Invader (referred to as a super tug) carried out throughout the summer.


The Invader riding light at her berth on the Fraser River near 266th Street in 2017 (Photo from the John Buchanan collection.)


Invader (on the left) (Photo from the Andrew Dondo collection.)


Invader (Photo from the Andrew Dondo collection.)


Andrew Dondo caught the Invader from atop the conveyor at Jacksonville on the Fraser (North end of 264th in Langley): (upper l-r the Sea Warrior, Skeena Coast, lower l-r Invader and Sea Commander.) (Photo from the Andrew Dondo collection.)

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