The Kitimat II in a Now Forgotten Incident

by Captain Alec Provan and John MacFarlane 2017

Kitimat II

The Kitimat II (Photo from the Captain Alec Provan collection. )

A helicopter assists in a rescue in a dramatic but now forgotten incident that occurred about 1980 the Kitimat II and an unidentified fishboat on the left on the shore. (We would love to hear from any reader who can provide details.)

This is a Labrador CH–113 or perhaps a Voyaguer CH–113A. The Voyageur was essentially the same aircraft acquired by the Air Force or Air Command from the Army after Unification in 1968. The Voyaguer was originally a dedicated Army support version of the same aircraft and was modified by the Air Command for the SAR role. After several upgrade cycles the two aircraft were more or less the same. There are small differences if you know what to look for.

Kitimat II

The Kitimat II (Photo from the Captain Alec Provan collection. )

The Kitimat II lays on her side hard aground on a reef. She must have been successfully salvaged after the activity in the pictures.

In 1974 she was built in Sidney BC by Philbrook’s Shipyards Ltd. as the Kitimat II. She was renamed as the 2015–02 at the time of her disposal from the Coast Guard. 19.2m x 5.2m x 2.6m Reinforced glass hull 57.32gt. 15.02. In 1974–1993 she was owned by Minister of Fisheries Ottawa ON. In 2004–2016 she was owned by The Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Ottawa ON. In 2016–2017 she was owned by the Arctic Research Foundation, Toronto ON.

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MacFarlane, John M. and Captain Alec Provan (2017) The Kitimat II in a Now Forgotten Incident. 2017.

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