Ivory Island Light

by Captain Alec Provan and John MacFarlane 2016

Ivory Island

Ivory Island Light (Photo from the Captain Alec Provan collection. )

Ivory Island Light (List of Lights 617 G5713) is located on Robb Point, in Milbanke Sound at the northwest approach to Seaforth Channel. It is a Red trapezoidal skeleton tower. It exhibits Flash 1 s; eclipse 4s. Year round. Chart:3910 Edn 11/11.

Keepers: Peter Wylie (1898– Mr. Thompson (1899–1900); Unknown (1900–1904); James Forsyth (1904–1914); Mr. Reuter (1914–1916);

Ivory Island, built in 1908, was the first light constructed north of Vancouver Island. It was hit by a tsunami in 1904 and 1962 and was badly damaged in a storm in 1982.

References: Andrew Scott (2009) The Encyclopedia of Raincoast Place Names; https://www.notmar.gc.ca/publications/list-livre/pac/p587-en.php;

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