Quatsino Light

by Captain Alec Provan and John MacFarlane 2016

Quatsino Light

Quatsino Island Light (Photo from the Captain Alec Provan collection.)

Quatsino (List of Lights 68 G5178) is a White cylindrical tower located on the North side of the entrance of Quatsino Sound on the SE end of Kains Island. Flash 0.1 s; eclipse 4.9 s. Visible from 224° through W., N. and E. to 104°. In operation 24 hours. Year round. Chart:3686 Edn 03/11(P11-004).

Keepers: Nels C. Nelson (1907–1915); James H. Sadler (1915–1919); Robert S. Nosler (1919–1919); R. Allan (1919–1919); James Quin (1919–1922); Alfred Dickenson (1922–1925); Sydney Warren (1925–1929)

Quatsino Light

Quatsino Light (Photo from the Captain Alec Provan collection.)

Kains Island was named for Thomas Kains (1850–1901) who served as the Surveyor General of British Columbia.

References: Donald Graham ((1985) Keepers of the Light; Andrew Scott (2009) The Encyclopedia of Raincoast Place Names; Peter Johnson and John Walls (2015) To The Lighthouse;

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