Pine Island Light

by Captain Alec Provan and John MacFarlane 2016

Pine Island Light

Pine Island Light (Photo from the Captain Alec Provan collection. )

Pine Island Light, built in 1907, is located North of Nigei Island, NW of the Buckle Group, Range 1, Coast Land District.

The Pine Island Racon (M) X & S Band is located on the SW point of the island. It is a White cylindrical tower exhibiting Flash 0.2 s; eclipse 9.8 s. Year round. Chart:3549.

Keepers: Arthur Broughton Gurney (1907–1912), Donald Bertram McPhee (1913–1919), Percival C. Pike (1919–1933), Howard Frazer Chamberlin (1933–1936), George Leslie Smith (1936–1941), Arthur Ernest Kelly (1941–1945), Jim Thomson (1945–1952), A. Swanson (1952–1956), R. Roberts (1956–1957), Rex Pendril Brown (1957–1966), Ralph W. Emerich (1967–1969), William McIlroy (1969); Ken Nelson (1969–1973), Ralph W. Emerich (1972–1977), Gerald D. Watson (1977–1979), Alan Bablitz (1979–1981), Doug Fraser (1981–1992), Dan McMurray (1992–2002), Richard Wood (2002–2014), Barney P. Hynes (2014–present 2016).


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Provan, Captain Alec and MacFarlane, John M. (2016) Pine Island Light. 2016.

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