Trial Islands Light

by Captain Alec Provan and John MacFarlane 2016

Trial Islands Light

The Trial Islands Lamp House on display in Bastion Square, Victoria BC. This fourth order Fresnel lens from 1906 was used until it was replaced in 1970. (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection. )

Trial Islands Light (List of Lights 212 G5328) is located on the South side of the southernmost island. It is a White cylindrical tower exhibiting Flash 0.1 s; eclipse 4.9 s. Year round. Chart:3424.

The Trial Islands are located off the South end of Oak Bay (municipality) in Juan de Fuca Strait, Victoria Land District.

Trial Islands Light

Trial Islands Light (Photo from the Captain Alec Provan collection. )

The Trial Islands Lighthouse, was built in 1970 to replace the original lighthouse erected in 1906, and is a white, cylindrical, reinforced–concrete lighthouse topped by a red aluminum lantern and gallery. The Trial Islands Lighthouse stands 13 metres (42 feet) tall and is located on the southeast point of the larger of the two Trial Islands.

Trial Islands Light

Trial Islands Light with the C.C.G.C. Cape Calvert in the near distance (Photo from the Captain Alec Provan collection. )

Keepers: Harold Shorrock O’Kell (1906–1931), Philip Gresley Cox (1931–1936), Samuel Avard Dondale (1941–1943), William Charles Copeland (1947–1950), Douglas Howard Franklin (1957–1962), John (Jack) Horn Sr. (1962–1976), Robert Nagel (1976–1979), Robert W. Noble (1980–1982), Calyton Restall (1986–1988), Iain Colquhoun (1993–1996), Ian G. McNeil (1999–2007), Meredith Dickman (2007–present 2016).


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