The Tug Boat M.C.M.

by John MacFarlane 2018


The M.C.M. alongside logs (probably at Cowichan Bay when the owners operated the Cowichan Bay Log Booming Association.) (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection.)

In 1914 she was built at New Westminster BC. 69.3’ x 17.3’ x 6.9’ wooden hull 60gt 18rt. She was powered by a 16nhp triple expansion steam engine.


The M.C.M. detail featuring a hitchhiking bird. (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection.)

In 1914–1936 she was owned by Joseph Meyers, New Westminster BC. In 1936 she was sold to Captain George A. MacFarlane and John H. Kirby of Victoria BC (Joint Owners). In 1937 she was owned by John Kirby & Edward Eastwood, Victoria BC. In 1938 she was owned by J.H. Kirby and Mathias Mathieson (Joint Owners) Victoria BC. In 1939–1945 she was owned by J.H. Kirby and Austin Kirby, Jordan River BC. In 1946–1966 she was sold to John Egeland Jr., Sidney BC as a fishing vessel. In 1967–1972 she was sold to Jack Eglund, Sidney BC. On October 1st, 1972 she was reported burned off the coast of Oregon and her register was closed.

In 1944 she was re–engined? with an 80ihp engine. In 1951 she was re–engined 90hp. In 1958 she was re–engined with an 165hp engine. On 01/10/1972 she burned on the Oregon coast USA.


The M.C.M. steaming with a barge alongside. (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection.)

Ron B. Smith reports that "I was told by Captain Cecil Hunter, with whom I worked in the tug M.R. Cliff, that the initials in the vessel name were those of Captain Meyers’ daughter Marilyn Christine Meyers.

Author’s Note: The Cowichan Bay Booming Association Ltd. was formed in 1925 by members who were owners of timber along the CPR right–of–way on eastern Vancouver Island and those actively logging there. (The members included: Victoria Lumber & Manufacturing Co.; Campbell River Mills; Cameron Lumber Co.; Scottish Logging Co.; Wilson-McCoy Lumber Co.; Continental Timber Co.; Forest Investment Co.; Channel Logging Co.) The Association was purchased by Arthur MacFarlane and Fred MacFarlane and operated by their younger brother Captain George A. MacFarlane with the M.C.M.. The Association was sold to A. Domingo Ordano (the operator of Ordano’s Boathouse in Cowichan Bay.

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