A Display Anchor at Metchosin BC

by Christopher J. Cole 2016

Anchor Sign

The Recovered Anchor on Display at the Municipal Hall (Photo from the Cole Family collection. )

Wendy Cole noticed an anchor on display outside the Municipal Hall of the District of Metchosin BC. It displays an anchor which was accidentally snagged by the EVCO Spray and recovered just off the Construction Aggregates dock at Royal Roads. In 1988 Skip Kennedy acquired it and presented it to the Municipality. I think that it must have belonged to one of five vessels that lost anchors during a storm in 1883.

Anchor Artifact

Sign denoting significance of anchor (Photo from the Cole Family collection. )

On January 12, 1884 the Port Warden for the Ports of Victoria and Esquimalt reported that: On April 14th, 1883 a strong southeast gale sprang up increasing in violence and force all day. The ship Duke of Argyle parted her cable losing the anchor and 70 fathoms of chain. She was driven ashore at Royal Bay near Royal Roads.

In the same storm the lumber laden Connaught and the barque Tiger parted their cables and drove ashore. The Southern Chief and the Gettysburg went ashore as well. All four vessels were wrecked and later sold at auction.

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