The Monument for Captain Victor Jacobsen

by John M. MacFarlane 2017

Monument Plaque

The plaque monument to Captain Victor Jacobsen (Photo from the John MacFarlane collection.)

Among the plaques along the seawall in the Inner Harbour of Victoria BC is one to Captain Victor Jacobsen (Nicknamed "The Scurvey Kid") who was a well known marine character in Victoria BC.

Captain Victor Jacobsen

Captain Victor Jacobsen (Photo from the MMBC collection.)

Captain Victor Jacobsen was born in 1862 at Botney Finland. He apprenticed in a shipyard at Helsingfors Finland. He came to the Pacific coast about 1880 working mainly as a sealer. He married Minnie McLean on 10/11/1888. He was a Master Mariner and Sealer. He owned the sealer Eva Marie (1903–1916) He owned the sealing schooner Minnie 1889–1900, which was seized by the US Government, which caused him a major financial loss. He was elected as a member of the Thermopylae Club in Victoria BC in 1934.

The Jacobsen House

The Victor Jacobsen house (Photo from the MMBC collection.)

Jacobsen’s distinctive house located in Esquimalt BC.

Jacobsen repairing the Tilikum

Captain Victor Jacobsen at work in Thunderbird Park repairing damage to the Tilikum (Photo from the MMBC collection.)

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