The Monument to the Royal Roads

by Christopher James Cole and John MacFarlane 2017


The Monument to the Royal Roads (Photo from the Christopher James Cole collection. )

Royal Roads is located off of Esquimalt Harbour west of Victoria. A ‘road’ or ‘roadstead’ is a secure anchorage location and was popular with sailing vessels. The name is now also associated with the University and Hatley Park the form Dunsmuir home.


Close-up of the Text (Photo from the Christopher James Cole collection. )

According to Captain Walbran (in British Columbia Coast Names) Royal Roads was originally called Royal Bay by Captain Kellett RN sailing in HM Survey Vessel Herald in 1846. Long before that, Sub–Lieutenant Manuel Quimper of the Royal Spanish Navy, while in command of the Princess Royal in 1790 named the locale as Rada de Valdes y Bazan (after the Spanish Minister of Marine. In the late 1880s and 1890s the area was used by arriving ships to rendezvous with customers seeking freighters – or while awaiting sailing orders.


Plaque Text (Photo from the Christopher James Cole collection. )

In 1972, during one of a chain of Centennial celebrations hosted by the Province of British Columbia this monument sign was erected by the Thermopylae Club of Victoria.


The sale of the wreck of the Tiger. (Article from the Daily Colonist 26 April 1883. )

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