The Tug Boat C.G.S. Petrel

by John MacFarlane 2018

CGS Petrel

The Petrel (Photo from Nauticapedia collection. )

In 1906 she was built by the Victoria Machinery Depot Ltd. at Victoria BC. 86.4’ x 17’ x 12.3’ steel hulled 134gt 58rt She was powered by 23rhp compound 2’cylinder steam engine built by the Victoria Machinery Depot Ltd.

CGS Petrel

The Petrel with a spoil barge. (Photo courtesy of the MMBC. )

In 1906–1933 she was owned by The Minister of Public Works, Ottawa ON. In 1934 she was owned by Herman Thorsen, Vancouver BC. In 1939–1943 she was owned by Canadian Tugboat Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1946–1952 she was sold to Coastal Tugboat Co. Ltd., Vancouver BC.

CGS Petrel

The Petrel in Victoria Harbour. (Photo courtesy of the MMBC. )

In 1906 she was in service as the tug attached to dredge Ajax. In c1907 she foundered in Ladysmith Harbour but was later refloated.

CGS Petrel

Detail of the stern of the Petrel while on the shipyard ways. (Photo courtesy of the MMBC. )

On December 28th, 1952 she left Vancouver for the booming ground at Gowlland Harbour with threatening weather. She sailed up the Georgia Strait and approached Cape Mudge around midnight in a southeast gale with flood tide from the north. The sea overwhelmed the tug and on December 29th, 1952 and she foundered and sank in turbulent waters off Cape Mudge Quadra Island BC. (Seven lives were lost.)

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