The Ripple Point: Vintage Vessel

Ripple Point

Ripple Point (Photo from the Ian Foubister collection.)

In December 2014 Ian Foubister kindly shared these images of the Ripple Point (#171797). 10.67m x 2.53m x 1.40m (35.0– x 8.3– x 4.6–) Wood 13.37gt 11.27rt. She was originally powered by a Gray Marine 1nhp 6-cylinder gas engine. Over the years re-powered as 111bhp engine (1945); 140bhp engine (1947); 1947 Chrysler Royal 8 cylinder gas engine (1950); 140bhp gasoline engine (2011c).

Ripple Point

Ripple Point 1939 (Photo from the Ian Foubister collection.)

In 1939 she was built as a despatch boat. The hull is cedar. Frames are oak. Decks are fir. Cabin in fir. Cabin Configuration: wheelhouse forward, trunk cabin aft. Special Notes: Quarter berths, wheelhouse above engine room, galley on port side, head starboard. The wheelhouse has been enlarged from the original. Modernization for live aboard status including pressure water, refrigerator, constavolt, new wiring, diesel heater, new fuel tank. (In 1990 she was designated as a British Columbia Vintage Vessel by the Maritime Museum of British Columbia.)

Ripple Point

Ripple Point 1948 (Photo from the Ian Foubister collection.)

In 1939–1945 she was a sedan cruiser owned by Canadian Fishing Co., Vancouver BC. In 1946 she was owned by Harbour Towing Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1950–1953 she was owned by Wilfred Dolmage ((MO) (with John Maitland), Vancouver BC. In 1957–1958 she was owned by K.O.S. Logging, Nelson Island BC. In 1958–1964 she was owned by Eugene P. Demers, Port Alberni BC. In 1965–1967 she was owned by John G.S. Thomson, Vancouver BC. In 1968–1972 she was owned by Kenneth H.R. Hutcheson, Port Alberni BC. In 1973–1975 she was owned by Einer Jensen, Powell River BC. In 1976–1977 she was owned by Robert Topanee, Powell River BC. In 1978–1979 she was owned by Robert F. Smith, Powell River BC. In 1979–1982 she was owned by Leonard T. Girard, Powell River BC. In 1982–1988 she was owned by Charles J. Rogers, Vancouver BC. In 1989–1992 she was owned by John Ian Foubister and Sandra Foubister, Richmond BC as a live aboard. In 1992–2001 she was owned by James C. Morin, Salt Spring Island BC. In 2003–2004 she was owned by the S.A.L.T.S. (Sail and Life Training Society), Victoria BC. In 2011–2018 she was owned by the Maritime Museum of British Columbia Society, Victoria BC.

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