The S.F. Tolmie: Four–Masted Barquentine

by John MacFarlane 2017

S.F. Tolmie

The S.F. Tolmie in drydock (Photo courtesy of the MMBC.)

The S.F. Tolmie was rigged as a four–masted barquentine/barkentine. She was built in 1921 at Victoria BC by Cholberg Shipyard. She was 235’ x 45’ x 20’ with a wooden hull displacing 1497dwt.

S.F. Tolmie

The S.F. Tolmie named for a Premier of British Columbia. (Photo courtesy of the MMBC.)

In 1921 she was owned by Victoria Ship Owners Ltd., Victoria BC (company went bankrupt). In 1921–1923 she was owned by Canadian Government Merchant Marine Ltd. In 1923–1927 she was owned by British Columbia Mills Timber and Trading Co. Ltd. (Hastings Mill). She was laid up at the Great Northern Dock, New Westminster BC. In 1928 she was sold to Nelson Brothers Fisheries Ltd. and converted to a floating herring saltery by Nelson Brothers for use on the west coast of Vancouver Island. She was laid up in Annacis Slough. In 1930–1931 she was owned by The Gulf Islands Fisheries Ltd., Vancouver BC. In 1932 she was owned by Nelson Bros. Fisheries Ltd., Vancouver BC. She was converted to a log barge by the Gibson Brothers.

S.F. Tolmie

The S.F. Tolmie (Photo courtesy of the MMBC.)

In 1921–1923 she was operated by the Canadian Government Merchant Marine on voyages to the orient and Australia and New Zealand. Her Master at this time was Captain James C. Stewart (1921–1923) a veteran of the Aberdeen White Star Line: C. Tennant served as First Mate and F. Collins served as Second Mate. R.E. Smith of Nanaimo BC also served as a Mate succeeding Collins.

S.F. Tolmie

Crew Members of the S.F. Tolmie (Photo courtesy of the MMBC.)

In 1921–1923 she operated on voyages to the Orient and Australia for the Canadian Government Merchant Marine. On December 27, 1944 she broke loose from her moorings at Ogden Point (Victoria) and was wrecked on Macaulay Point where she broke up.

S.F. Tolmie

The Deck of the S.F. Tolmie (Photo courtesy of the MMBC.)

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