The Freshwater Passenger Vessel Lord Selkirk II

by Gordon Olafson and John MacFarlane 2017

Lord Selkirk II

The Launch of the Passenger Vessel Lord Selkirk II (Photo courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press.)

In 1969 she was built at Selkirk MB by Purvis Navcon Shipyard Ltd./Selkirk Machine Works Ltd. She was 168’ x 41’ x 8.2’ steel hulled 1486gt 1010rt powered by 2–Caterpillar turbocharged D343 diesels rated each at 375 HP.

Lord Selkirk II

The Passenger Vessel Lord Selkirk II (Photo courtesy of Rick Fehr.)

Launched on June 7, 1969, she was built to replace the MS Keenora she had refrigerated and freezer cargo compartments, and 120 tons of cargo fuel capacity. She operated on the Red River and Lake Winnipeg. She was retired in October 1990 and laid up in Selkirk MB awaiting disposition. In 2010 she was sold for scrap and broken up in 2015.

Lord Selkirk II

The Passenger Vessel Lord Selkirk II laid up (Photo courtesy of VCatell Photos.)

In 1969 she was owned by Lake Winnipeg Navigation Ltd. In 1971 she was owned by Venture Manitoba/Manitoba Development Corporation, Winnipeg MB. In 1978–1980 she was owned by Sub–Arctic Expeditions (Leo Cholakis, Harold Einarson, Rex Einarsson, David Einarsson, Winnipeg MB and and operated on the lake until through the 1982 season. In 1983 she was owned by Funship Cruise Lines (Jim Gauthier and Bill Harris). In 1986 she was owned by Dr. Joseph Slogan, Selkirk MB, who operated the ship through the 1990s on the Red River.

Lord Selkirk II

The rusting hull awaiting demolition (which is now completed.). (Photo courtesy of VCatell Photos.)

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