The Public Works Dredge Tender Point Ellice

by John MacFarlane 2017

Dredge Tender Point Ellice

In an excellent example of the ‘just in time’ supply chain logistics the Point Ellice receives her boiler installed directly from the transport freighter by boiler installed by McDougall Jenkins Co. at North Vancouver BC. (Photo courtesy MMBC. )

In 1911 she was built in North Vancouver BC by North Shore Iron Works. 95.8’ x 20.1’ x 11.6’ Wooden hull 171gt 45rt She was powered by a 500hp inverted fore and aft compound surface condensing steam engine by Ross & Duncan Ltd., Glasgow Scotland UK. Engine and boiler installed by McDougall Jenkins Co. at North Vancouver BC. (In 1924 she was rebuilt to 171 tons.)

Dredge Tender Point Ellice

Point Ellice (Photo courtesy MMBC. )

In 1911 as a dredge tender she was owned by the Department of Public Works, Ottawa ON. In 1918 she was transferred to the Imperial Munitions Board, Ottawa ON. In 1919–1920 she was owned by The Minister of Public Works, Ottawa ON. In 1920–1957 she was owned by the Pacific Great Eastern Towing Co. Vancouver BC for Vancouver to Squamish car barge service.

Dredge Tender Point Ellice

The Point Ellice at the Brackman–Ker plant. (Photo courtesy MMBC. )

In 1913 she was in a collision with the Princess Charlotte outside Vancouver harbour. In 1920 she was put on the Vancouver to Squamish barge towing service. On January 28th, 1913, in a heavy fog, the the CPR steamer Princess Charlotte collided with the dredge Mastodon outside Vancouver harbour. The Point Ellice was laying alongside the dredge and all three vessels became badly entangled. The vessels extracted themselves without serious damage. In 1957 the Point Ellice was rendered unnecessary by the construction of the Second Narrows Bridge and she was sold to Capital Iron & Metals Ltd., Victoria BC for scrapping.

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