The Windward Mark

by Melodie and Grant Blundell 2018

Windward Mark

The finished hull of the Windward Mark. (Photo from the Melodie and Grant Blundell collection.)

The Windward Mark No.1 was built in 1973 by Buchan Boats Ltd. in Seattle WA USA. She was later renamed as the Windward Mark. She was 9.24m x 2.93m x 1.55m with a glass reinforced hull 9.43gt 8.42rt. She was powered by a 43bhp diesel auxiliary engine.

Windward Mark

A ceremony celebrating the completion of the hull in the boat shed at the Cowichan Bay Shipyard. (Photo from the Melodie and Grant Blundell collection.)

In 1973–1980 she was owned by Victor K. Palmer, Duncan BC. In 1982–1983 she was owned by David Fong, Calgary AB. In 1984–1987 she was owned by George Waibel, Duncan BC. In 1988–2003 she was owned by Dannie R.E. Syroid, Victoria BC. In 2004–2019 she was owned by Adrian Blunt & Jo–Anne Lee, Victoria BC.

The Windward Mark came in to the Cowichan Bay Shipyard as an empty hull. Grant Blundell and his dad, Les Blundell, finished her for the owner. The finished hull was launched in the early 1970s. She had a long successful racing career with Vic Palmer, her first owner.

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