Canadian Naval Admirals and Commodores

by John M. MacFarlane 2010 (Updated 2012-2014)

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Name Title
Adams, Kenneth Frederick Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Adamson, Martin S. Commodore (CF)
Agnew, Ronald Ian Commodore (RCN)
Allan, John Vice-Admiral (CF)
Allan, Thomas Steele Rear-Admiral (CF)
Anderson, John Rogers Admiral (CF)
Arnott, Thomas Alexander Commodore (CF)
Baillie-Grohman, Harold Tom Vice-Admiral (RN)
Baines, Craig A. Commodore (RCN)
Bains, C.A. Commodore (RCN)
Baker, Ernest Shepard Commodore (CF)
Baker, Rowland Constructor Commodore (RCN(R)) (Sir)
Ball, Ernest Charles Commodore (CF)
Battles, Robert Munro Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Baugniet, Robert Norman Commodore (NR) (CF)
Beaton, David Commodore (Provincial Marine)
Bedout, Jacques Rear-Admiral (Royal French Navy)
Beech, William James Robert Commodore (RCN)
Belcher, Edward Admiral (RN)
Bell, James Ernest D. Commodore (CF)
Belliveau, B.W. Commodore (CF)
Bennett, Jennifer J. Rear-Admiral (NR) (CF)
Bennett, Ross Taylor Commodore (NR) The Honorable Mr. Justice
Berryman, Brian John Commodore (CF)
Bidwell, Roger Edward Shelford Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Bishop, Scott E.G. Commodore (RCN)
Bisson, Lynn Commodore (RCN)
Blakely, Robert R. Commodore (NR) (CF)
Boulton, Angus George Commodore (RCN)
Bowkett, Edmund George A. Commodore (CF)
Boyle, Denis Richard Rear-Admiral (CF)
Boyle, Douglas Seaman Vice-Admiral (CF)
Bridge, Cyprian Arthur George Admiral (RN)
Bridgman, Arthur Graham Commodore (E) (RCN)
Brock, Ernest Reginald Commodore (RCN(R))
Brock, Eustace Alexander Commodore (RCNVR)
Brock, Jeffry Vanstone Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Brock, Patrick Willet Rear-Admiral (RN)
Brodeur, Nigel David Vice-Admiral (CF)
Brodeur, Victor Gabriel Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Broughton, William Joseph Commodore (CF)
Buck, Ronald Douglas Vice-Admiral (CF)
Bucknam, Ransford D. Pasha Admiral (Turkish Navy)
Budge, Patrick David Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Burchell, Herbert George Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Cairns, Peter William Vice-Admiral (CF)
Caldwell, Frank Birch Commodore (RCN)
Caldwell, John Birch Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Cantelon, S.N. Commodore (RCN)
Cassivi, L. Commodore (RCN)
Charles, John Alexander Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Charlton, Peter Commodore (CF)
Charron, Michel Commodore (RCN)
Christie, William Borden Rear-Admiral (CF)
Clarke, Edward Newton Commodore (RCN)
Clay, Wendy Arlene Major-General (CF)
Cocks, Robert William James Commodore (CF)
Cogdon, David Commodore (CF)
Cogdon, Noel Commodore (CF)
Collier, Andrew Laurence Vice-Admiral (CF)
Collins, David Alan Vice-Admiral (CF)
Cooper, Mike Henry Anthony Commodore (CF)
Cosby, Philip Admiral (RN)
Cossette, Marie Joseph Romeo Oscar Rear-Admiral (S) (RCN)
Cotaras, Constantine Commodore (CF)
Cote, Joseph Jacques Paul Commodore (CF)
Couturier, J.P.G. Commodore (CF)
Couturier, Joseph Pierre Gilles Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Craig, David W. Commodore (NR) (RCN)
Creery, Wallace Bouchier Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Crickard, Frederick William Rear-Admiral (CF)
Cumming, James Malcolm Commodore (CF)
Cutts, James Mortimer Commodore (CF)
Davidson, Glenn V. Vice-Admiral (CF)
Davidson, Robert A. Vice-Admiral (RCN)
Davis, Sturton Mathwin Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Davy, Arthur Cecil Montagu Commodore (E) (RCN)
Deane, John Commodore (L) (RCN)
Denison, John Admiral (RN)
DeRosenroll, Glen Michael Commodore (CF)
DeWolf, Harry George Vice-Admiral (RCN)
Dillon, Charles Joseph Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Donovan, C.P. Commodore (RCN)
Douglas, Archibald Lucius Admiral (RN)
Doull, John McGregor Commodore (L) (RCN)
Draper, William John A. Commodore (CF)
Drent, Jan Jansz Commodore (CF)
Dyer, Kenneth Lloyd Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Earl, Paul Whitney Commodore (RCN(R))
Edmundson, H.C. Commodore (RCN)
Edwards, Gordon Cheeseman Rear-Admiral (CF)
Edwards, Gordon Lewis Rear-Admiral (CF)
Edwards, John Crispo Ingles Commodore (RCN)
Elcock, Frank Dudley Commodore (RCN)
Elliot, Walter John Surgeon Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Ellis, J.E.T. Peter Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Ellis, Peter Rear-Admiral (RCN)
Falls, Robert Hilborn Admiral (CF)
Farrington, Lawrence Commodore (CF)
Faulkner, David G. Commodore (CF)

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