Vessels of the Royal Canadian Navy Fishermen’s Reserve

compiled by John M. MacFarlane 2012

HMCS Mitchell Bay

The fishboat Mitchell Bay (formerly HMCS Mitchell Bay) (Photo from MacFarlane Collection)

The Accepted List of Vessels of the RCN Fishermen’s Reserve

There is no ‘official’ list of vessels that comprised the RCN Fishermen’s Reserve. This is the list generally considered to be part of that organization. (Click on the individual links to see the vessel histories.)

Some Vessels Which May Have Been Part of the RCN Fishermen’s Reserve

(Author’s Note): The following vessels have been reported, on a speculative basis, by some writers, as being part of the Fishermen’s Reserve. These vessels may have been manned by Fishermen's Reserve personnel but probably were not officially part of that organization. The speculation on their inclusion in the list is sometimes based on the fact that they were manned by Fishermen’s Reserve personnel or if the vessel carried a pendant number with the Fisheries Pendant superior to the number. Another line of thought is that they were operated prior to the Second World War by members of the RCNR Fishermen’s Reserve Section. They may also have operated as tenders to naval bases or as auxiliary vessels. (Readers should note that there has been a lot of inaccurate or misleading speculation on this branch of the Navy which is frequently repeated by casual writers. It is poorly documented in the public sector.)

For More Details on These Vessels

The stories of these vessels and more than 51,000 others are outlined in the searchable Vessels Database on this website. Search by name to find out about them. Searchable Vessels Database

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